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< Contents ERCIM News No. 52, January 2003
Special Theme: Embedded Systems

ERCIM Working Group Dependable Software-Intensive Embedded Systems

by Erwin Schoitsch

The dependability aspect of embedded systems is of the utmost importance, and ERCIM members have identified a huge potential with respect to this. Accordingly, the new ERCIM member AARIT, within which ARCS is an important driving force, has proposed and initiated an ERCIM Working Group on 'Dependable Software-Intensive Embedded Systems'. The inaugural meeting took place in Vienna during the ERCIM board meetings, and a joint workshop with the EU projects on embedded systems (real-time) such as AMSD and ARTIST was organised in Grenoble on 3 October 2002. A second meeting was held in Sophia Antipolis on 6 November. Future plans include a workshop on 'Synchronous Languages, Time- and Event-Triggered Systems' around March/April this year, and a meeting in Trondheim on 2 June 2003.

The Working Group currently includes members from Austria (ARCS/AARIT), France (INRIA), Germany (FhG), Greece (FORTH), Italy (CNR, PDCC), Luxembourg (IST), Netherlands (CWI), Norway (NTNU) and Sweden (MRTC/SICS). Others are very welcome.

At the moment, all themes relating to embedded systems are of interest to the Working Group (WG), which focuses on specific topics case by case. The work program includes:

  • experience exchange
  • joint position papers on relevant issues
  • information exchange with organisations, other WGs and committees in which ERCIM members are already active
  • decision building processes
  • WG meetings adjacent to other relevant meetings/conferences
  • discussion board (via ERCIM Website or a member's Website)
  • contributions to ERCIM News
  • one major event per year (may be combined with some important meeting or conference)
  • cooperation within the EU Framework Programs (NoE, IP); currently Dependability (1st Call) and Embedded Systems (2nd Call)
  • cooperation in standardisation and awareness-building processes.

Please contact:
Erwin Schoitsch
ARC Seibersdorf Research (AARIT)
Tel: +43 50550 3117