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< Contents ERCIM News No. 52, January 2003

World Wide Web Consortium launched Hungarian Office at SZTAKI

by László Kovács and Éva Megyaszai

W3C strengthens presence in Central Europe through Hungarian outreach by W3C Hungarian Office, located at SZTAKI's Department of Distributed Systems. The Office was launched in Budapest, on September 24, 2002.

The opening ceremony was a public event, with presentations and tutorials from the W3C Team, including Daniel Dardailler (W3C Deputy Director for Europe), Marie-Claire Forgue (W3C European Communications Officer), Ivan Herman (Head of Offices at W3C), Vincent Quint (W3C Document Formats Domain leader) and Max Froumentin (Math Activity Lead and XSL Working Group Team Contact); and presentations of projects at SZTAKI (CORES, SOTF, PVX). Péter Bakonyi, Deputy State Secretary for Information Society Strategy, Hungary and Péter Inzelt, Director of SZTAKI were also among those attending the opening ceremonies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in Budapest.

Image Image
During the opening ceremony.

The Hungarian Office is the first office in Central Europe, joining an active roster which includes a number of European Offices of W3C as well as the W3C European host site at ERCIM. Its role is to act as a local point of contact, and to make sure that W3C and its specifications are known in the region. The mission of the Office is to promote adoption of W3C recommendations among developers, application builders, and standards setters, and to encourage inclusion of stakeholder organizations in the creation of future recommendations by joining W3C.

Hungarian economy shows the most dynamic and attractive growth in the region, especially with respect to information technology and telecommunication. SZTAKI has well-established co-operations with leading institutions and firms covering different areas of Information Technology, Computer Science and Control. The Institute maintains more than 100 contracts yearly with industrial, governmental, and other partners, including joint projects with European Union funding.

W3C looks forward to a long-term partnership with SZTAKI, leading to a stronger Hungarian voice within W3C and a greater awareness in Hungary of W3C's Activities.

W3C Hungarian Office:
SZTAKI, Department of Distributed Systems:

Please contact:
László Kovács, SZTAKI
Tel: +36 1 279 6212

Éva Megyaszai, SZTAKI
Tel: +36 1 279 6204