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Andreas Rauber Winner of the 2002 Cor Baayen Award

The annual ERCIM Cor Baayen Award was presented to Andreas Rauber during a ceremony in Nice on 7 November 2002. The award is given every year to a most promising young researcher in computer science and applied mathematics having completed the PhD-thesis in one of the 'ERCIM countries'.

Andreas Rauber at the award ceremony.

Andreas Rauber is a bright, young researcher at the Department of Software Technology, Vienna University of Technology. Andreas Rauber received his PhD in 2001 from Vienna University of Technology. He started his research career in the area of neural networks where he worked on improvements of the self-organizing map architecture. One of his assets, however, is his wide spread interest which made him progress into and integrate different fields of research. His current focus is on digital libraries where he investigates novel paths for semantically classifying information from heterogeneous sources, as for example text and music. His scientific curiosity paired with his sense for technical rigour is responsible for his high-quality research achievements.

Besides his core research and his more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, Andreas Rauber is also an active member of the international scientific community exemplified by his membership in various program commitees at international conferences and on the board of the IEEE Technical Commitee on Digital Libraries. See also his article in this issue: 'SOMLib - New Approaches for Information Presentation and Handling'. Andreas Rauber is currently an ERCIM Research Fellow at INRIA.


Please contact:
Lubos Brim, CRCIM, Cor Baayen Award coordinator