ERCIM News No.47, October 2001 [contents]

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IEA/AIE-2001 Conference Report

by László Monostori and József Váncza

IEA/AIE-2001 — The Fourteenth International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems was held during 4-7 June 2001, in Budapest, Hungary. The conference that covered all main research areas and many application domains of AI was supported in part by ERCIM.

The success of engineering depends on the recognition and use of several synergic factors. While the analytic approach is the key in solving some well-defined subproblems, creativity helps us to get free of prejudices and in finding useful analogies. Moreover, critical thinking opens up the way of argumentation with inexact premises and rules. While engineering is based on such complex mental features, it is perhaps more transparent than some other human activities: its world is of man-made artifacts that should be useful in a broad sense of the word.

This resulted in the opinion that by considering the advancements in engineering of intelligent systems, one may have a proper view of the state of research in the whole area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Knowledge gleaned here is valid not only in this particular application area but provides valuable hints to the perspectives in the theory of AI and in its potential for solving other problems as well.

Having recognized the above features of engineering problem solving, the International Society of Applied Intelligence (ISAI), more than a decade ago, initiated a series of conferences named Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems (IEA/AIE). The Hungarian AI community was honored by the invitation of the ISAI to host the IEA/AIE-2001 conference (June 4-7, 2001, Budapest, Hungary), which was the fourteenth in the series. General chair of IEA/AIE-2001 was Moonis Ali, program chair and co-chair were László Monostori and Soundar Kumara, respectively. The conference was organized by SZTAKI in co-operation with a number of international scientific societies as AAAI, ACM/SIGART, ECCAI, ERCIM to name but a few ones. The main sponsoring institutions of the event were ISAI, ERCIM, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Hungarian Ministry of Education.

The Call for Papers announcement attracted many researchers and engineers from all over the world. A total of 104 papers — representing 21 countries and all continents — were selected for presentation. The accepted papers covered all the main research areas of AI and many different application domains.

The plenary talk of the conference was delivered by Tibor Vámos (SZTAKI) on ‘Triple R: Representation, Retrieval, Reasoning’. The technical presentations were held in 2-3 parallel tracks in sessions on search, knowledge representation, model-based reasoning, machine learning, data mining, soft computing, evolutionary algorithms, distributed problem solving, expert systems, pattern and speech recognition, vision, language processing, planning and scheduling, robotics, autonomous agents, design, control, manufacturing systems, finance and business, software engineering, and tutoring.

Proceedings of IEA/AIE-2001 were published by Springer Verlag under the title ‘Engineering of Intelligent Systems’in the series of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI 2070). Electronic access to the papers of the volume is possible (see links). The extended versions of some selected papers are considered for publication in the International Journal of Applied Intelligence.


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