ERCIM News No.45 - April 2001 [contents]

Working Group on Soft Computing proposed

by Petr Hájek

Soft Computing is an establishing domain and researchers from ERCIM insitutes propose to form an working group in this field.

Soft Computing has emerged as an attempt to formulate a new paradigm of computing. It can be discribed as association of computing methodologies centering on fuzzy logic, neurocomputing, genetic computing, and probabilistic computing. The guiding principle of soft computing is: exploit the tolerance for imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation to achieve tractability, robustness, low solution cost and better rapport with reality. One of the principal aims of soft computing is to provide a foundation for the conception, design and application of intelligent systems employing its member methodologies symbiotically rather than in isolation. Scientists from ERCIM insitutes propose to form an working group in this field, comprising the following research topics:

Mathematical and logical foundations of Soft Computing

Algorithmical Foundations of Soft Computing

Experimental Applications of Soft Computing

Please contact:
Petr Hájek - CRCIM (UI)
Tel: +420 2 6605 3760