ERCIM News No.44 - January 2001 [contents]

INRIA is growing at an Unprecedented Pace
and is starting a Recruiting Drive on a European Scale

Last July, the French government decided to allocate 425 extra positions to INRIA between now and 2003 as a means of bolstering the public research effort in information science and technology. INRIA will grow by more than 50% in three years - a unique opportunity to begin an ambitious policy and an unprecedented recruiting drive.

The Instituteís strategy is based on the close combination of scientific achievement and technology transfer. In order to meet its objectives, the Institute intends to take up five major scientific challenges:

Through these five challenges and in closely coordinated interaction with other scientific disciplines, INRIA will focus its efforts on some major fields of applications, primarily telecommunications, multimedia, health and biology.

As early as 2001, the staff will grow by 180 personnel while the Instituteís funding will follow suit with an increase of 60 million francs or 9.17 million euros.

115 civil service positions will be open to French and foreign candidates: young scientists, senior researchers, engineers and technicians. There will also be between 50 and 60 one- to three-year contracts for recent graduates as well as academic or industrial experts. INRIA proposes also 200 opportunities: to prepare your PhD in one of its 100 research project teams or to make post-doctoral stays of 12 to 18 months in one of its 100 scientific teams to develop a research project.

The whole recruiting drive, job openings and the projected time line for the initiative are available on INRIAís website.

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