ERCIM News No.44 - January 2001 [contents]

Strategic Workshops – Shaping future EU-NSF collaborations
in Information Technologies

'Bionics', 'Future Information Processing Technologies' and 'Semantic Web' are three of five strategic emerging domains for a series of joint EU-NSF workshops. These three areas have been selected from over 350 different topics proposed by the European scientific community following the call for ideas for strategic workshops to be organized by ERCIM under the auspices of the European Commission and the US National Science Foundation.

The European Commission (programme IST-FET) and the US National Science Foundation (CISE-NSF division) will organize a series of strategic research workshops to identify key research challenges and opportunities in Information Technologies. On the European side, ERCIM solicited ideas for high-level workshops from the European IT scientific community. From the more than 350 suggestions, the Strategic Workshop Review Committee selected the following topics for joint future research initiatives:

ERCIM will organize a first series of workshops on the three selected topics in 2001. The respective programme committees will be nominated by the Strategic Workshop Review Committee. Participation is by invitation only, each workshop will be attended by a total of 20 participants from both Europe and the US.

The workshops are intended to facilitate brakethroughs in innovative domains, stimulate research activities and scientific discussions of mutual interest.


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