ERCIM News No.41 - April 2000 [contents]

ANFAS: Data Fusion for Flood Analysis and Decision Support

by Simon Lambert

Several ERCIM partners are working together in a new project under the European Information Society Technologies programme. The ANFAS project aims to develop a decision support system for flood prevention and protection, integrating the most advanced techniques in data processing and management.

Large-scale flooding is a serious problem in many parts of the world. In Asia, countries such as China and Bangladesh regularly suffer, while in Europe many countries are at risk. There is danger of loss of life and serious damage to the economies of the areas affected.

For this reason, the ANFAS project has been set up to include partners from both the European Union, other European countries, and China. The partners bring together expertise in soil sciences, remote sensing, sceintific computing, computer vision, internet technology, geographic information systems, knowledge-based systems and other areas. The ERCIM partners are:

The project team also includes three other European partners (Matra System & Information, the French geological survey and ore exploration - BRGM, Reading University) and three Chinese institutes (Institute of Automation (IOA), Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (IRSA), of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).

When there is a risk of flooding, decision makers have to decide what are the most appropriate actions to take: evacuation of the population, reinforcement of dikes, intentional breaking of dikes, etc. The aim of the ANFAS project is to develop a simulation and prevention tool to help decision-makers in taking decisions that will limit flood damage.

The functionality of the ANFAS system will be:

The output of the system will be:

The final system will be an immensely valuable tool in planning national and regional responses to the threat of flooding, and will be adaptable to other areas.


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