ERCIM News No.37 - April 1999

EUROgatherer - Personalised Information Gathering System

by Costantino Thanos

The explosive growth of Internet and the World Wide Web makes an enormous amount of information widely available; however, this abundance of information can easily become a mixed blessing without methods to filter and control the potentially unlimited flux of information from sources to their receiving end-users (the well-known information overload syndrome). The EUROgatherer project aims at alleviating this problem by making information available to users in the appropriate form, amount and level of detail, and at the right time.

The EUROgatherer project aims at designing and implementing a system which provides a personalised information gathering service on the Internet. In particular, the EUROgatherer system will provide functionalities:

A service-based architecture has been designed to meet the project requirements and is now under development. The set of EUROgatherer services (UserProfiling, Delivery, Pull, Push, and Wrapper services) provided by the system are visible to the user and accessible both separately or as a member of a cluster of services (for example, Pull + Profiling + Delivery or Push +Profiling + Delivery, etc.). One service can access another creating a cluster of interoperable services. Thus, an Internet user can access a single EUROgatherer service or a composite cluster of services. Such a cluster should provide a more complete service (for example a personalized push or pull service).

The openness of the architecture is guaranteed by the fact that all the system components:

The EUROgatherer system is composed of the following services:

The project adopts an advanced federated approach to the Internet services domain (see the figure). It will build on existing standards and contribute to the development of new ones.

The users of the EUROgatherer system can be divided in two categories:

The EUROgatherer project is funded by the Telematics Information Engineering programme. It is conducted by a consortium composed of the following partners: Italia On Line, Italy; Xerox Research Centre Europe, France; CINET, Spain; Eurospider Information Technology, Switzerland; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Elaborazione dell’Informazione, Italy; University of Dortmund, Germany; Dublin City University, Ireland.

Please contact:

Costantino Thanos - IEI-CNR
EUROgatherer Project Coordinator
Tel: +39 050 593 492

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