ERCIM News No.32 - January 1998

2nd ERCIM Environmental Modelling Group Workshop on Remote Sensing for Air Pollution Analysis

by Achim Sydow

The second workshop of the ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling on Remote Sensing for Air Pollution Analysis was held in Strasbourg, France, on 11 September 1997. It was included within the International Conference Umwelt-informatik'97 - Informatique pour l'environnement'97, that took place on 10-12 September 1997 in the congress center Pole API in Strasbourg. The workshop chairman was Isabelle Herlin (INRIA Rocquencourt, France).

The lectures and discussions at the workshop focussed especially on the usage of data derived from remote sensing for air pollution analysis and forecast. Many of the datasets needed for air pollution simulation can be derived from remote sensing with satellites. Database management systems (DBMS) for handling the huge remote sensing datasets, graphics and visualisation packages (GIS) as well as the atmospheric models which use the data were further topics of the workshop.

One main objective of the workshop was the initiation and preparation of a new project proposal in the field of remote sensing for air pollution analysis. Based on discussions and agreements during the workshop, the proposal has been submitted to the last Call for Proposals (submission deadline 10 October 1997) of the EC Programme Environment and Climate.

The papers presented at the workshop are published within the conference proceedings of Umweltinformatik'97 - Informatique pour l'environnement'97. The next workshop of the ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling will address the importance of the linkage between air pollution modelling and measuring. It will take place at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, 20-21 April 1998 (see announcement).

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