ERCIM News No.32 - January 1998

Fifth DELOS Workshop examines Collaborative Filtering

by László Kovács

The fifth workshop of the DELOS working group, held in Budapest, 10-12 November, gathered almost 30 experts from Europe and the United States to examine and discuss issues related to collaborative filtering techniques on the web and digital libraries. DELOS is a working group within the ERCIM Digital Libraries initiative, funded by the European Commission's Long Term Research Programme.

Four invited speakers presented their views on key issues in the field:

A panel session with the invited speakers closed the second day of the workshop. It gave the participants an opportunity for a lively discussion on the topics raised during the first two days.

The presentations from European researchers covered several EU projects using collaborative filtering techniques such as EUROgatherer and SELECT of the Telematics Application Development Programme, a personalized information gathering system; SOAP, Live Recommendations through Social Agents; the TREVI Project ­ Personalized Information Filtering, Linking and Delivery for the News Domain; as well as novel approaches and techniques related to collaborative filtering: a software prototype for information filtering and rating using evolutionary algorithms; a direct manipulative tool for assembling profiles; the Use of LDAP in a filtering service for a digital library; usage, rating & filtering; institutional rating in everyday life; the application of a generic voting tool for rating purposes; social filtering and social reality; lightweight collaborations for social filtering on the web; a language theoretical approach to filtering and cooperation; a non-monetarian collaborative cooperation model in an Internet based groupware service; a visual tagging technique for annotating large-volume multimedia databases and a tool for adding semantic value to improve information rating.

The proceedings in the form of extended abstracts of the presentations will be published by ERCIM in the DELOS Workshop Report series. Further information on this workshop, including the abstracts of the presentations and on the DELOS working group are available through the DELOS web site at

The 6th DELOS Workshop on Preservation of Digital Information will be held in Lisbon, 22-24 June 1998. A call for papers will be available at

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