ERCIM News No.32 - January 1998

Kristina Höök selected Cor Baayen Fellow of the Year

by Janusz Launberg

Kristina Höök from SICS, has been awarded Cor Baayen Fellowship 1997. The Cor Baayen Fellowship is presented each year to a promising young researcher working in one of the ERCIM institutes.

Kristina Höök's research concentrates on personalized and social navigation in information space; the computer can adapt the information (the type and amount) to the person who is currently using the system by drawing conclusions from how this person uses the system. One important aspect in this work is the fact that people are not always targeted but adapt to the situation, including the computer system they are working with. This means that the human-computer interaction has to be an interaction between the users target and the system's response. Her thesis, A Glass Box Approach to Adaptive Hyper-media, which she has defended last fall, shows how such an adaptive system can be engineered to let the user keep the control over the system without having to understand the technical solutions. Her work has led to considerable industrial cooperation and a build up of a research network throughout the world.

The Cor Baayen Fellowship was created to honour the first ERCIM President. The award along with 1000 ECU was presented on 7 November in Copenhagen by Dennis Tsichriztis; the President of ERCIM.

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