ERCIM News No.27 - October 1996

Prague ERCIM Workshop on Systems and Control

by Petr Zagalak and Vladimír Kucera

The 2nd ERCIM Workshop on Systems and Control was organized by the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and the ERCIM Working Group on Control and System Theory, and was held in Prague during 26 - 27 August 1996. The aim of the Workshop was to promote the research activities of ERCIM institutes in the field and inform the participants on the activities of CRCIM (Czech Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics), the new member of ERCIM from the Czech Republic.

The program of the Workshop consisted of two invited lectures given by Professors J.H. van Schuppen, CWI Amsterdam, and P. |ampa, University of Western Bohemia, Plze«, and 15 contributed papers devoted to more specific topics in linear and nonlinear control, hybrid systems, robust control, and optimization.

Great attention received the talk of J.H. van Schuppen on Control of Hybrid Systems, a new and rapidly developing area of control, and that of P. |ampa in which new ideas were introduced concerning the foundations of system theory.

During the Workshop there was a meeting of the ERCIM Working Group on Control and System Theory. The Workshop also was an opportunity for PhD students and young researchers to present their results and establish new contacts. The documents issued by the organizers consist of Volume of Abstracts, List of Participants, and Final Programme. The Workshop succeeded in bringing together 38 participants from 7 European countries. Among these, 20 participants come from Czech institutions of research and education. The representatives of CRCIM were also present. The Workshop helped to establish closer research relationships between ERCIM institutions.

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