ERCIM News No.27 - October 1996

ERCIM Computer Graphics Network Workshop at ECAI'96

by Giorgio Faconti

Task 2 of the ERCIM Computer Graphics Network ­p; Graphics and Knowledge Engineering ­p; held the workshop 'Towards a Standard Reference Model for Intelligent Multimedia Presentation Systems' at the ECAI'96 conference in Budapest on 13 August 1996. The network has been developing an architectural frame-work to describe Intelligent Multi-Media Presentation Systems (IMMPS).

Such systems have been recognized world-wide as being important building blocks for innovative computer systems across a broad range of application areas. However, until now, there have been no promising attempts to bring together the different lines of expertise from across disciplines and viewpoints and assemble them into a sound corpus of scientific theory.

A number of researchers have become frustrated by the lack of a common language in the literature to describe intelligent multimedia presentation systems, and the lack of common architectures to promote the re-use of components. To overcome these problems and inspired by methodological approaches used in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, User Interfaces, and Software Engineering, the ERCIM CG Network has developed a proposal for a reference model which should speed up the development of such systems and their components.

The model was proposed at a workshop, organized by the ERCIM Computer Graphics Network in Budapest during the ECAI'96 Conference. The workshop was attended by researchers from both industry and academia, and from different geographic areas: the European Union, Eastern Europe countries, Mexico and United States.

Considerable discussion was focused on the IMMPS model and this lead to suggestions for modifications. Other papers discussed:

The general discussion focused on two main issues that highlighted the role of the model and its added value in:

There was general agreement that the establishment of a reference model for IMMP systems is the first stage towards developing these interdisciplinary standards without which commercial development is unrealistic.

The workshop proceedings have been published by ECAI'96 and can also be accessed on the WWW at:

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