ERCIM News No.24 - January 1996 - INRIA

SIMULOG - A Company specialised in Scientific Computing

by Bruno Arbaud

Subsidiary of INRIA, SIMULOG was created in 1984 as the first spin-off of the institute. SIMULOG is a high tech software house specialising in the most recent techniques for modelling, simulation and optimisation of complex industrial products or systems. The activities cover the following areas:

SIMULOG offers a complete set of services: diffusion of software products, customised software development, technical assistance, studies and consultancy. For more than ten years, SIMULOG has been successfully transferring research results not only from INRIA but also from other advanced labs in the research world or within industry (CNRS, EDF, Aerospatiale,...). The SIMULOG group represents today 135 persons, among them 120 engineers, and develops its activity internationally with a subsidiary in the USA and a distribution network.

The main areas of INRIA research transfer conducted by SIMULOG are the following : Automatic 3D mesh generator called GHS3D, based on the Voronoi-Delaunay algorithm, developed by the INRIA project "GAMMA". SIMULOG diffuses this unique and powerful tool, either as a standalone product, or integrated in CAD systems. Based on this, SIMULOG has established a partnership agreement with MATRA DATAVISION.

INRIA has developed a CFD solver for compressible flows based on the MUSCL-TVD numerical methodology. SIMULOG has integrated this solver in the CFD software package N3S developed by EDF. SIMULOG offers a full range of services with N3S, including code supply and studies, and is currently developing a parallel version of N3S in the european project EUROPORT.

In the field of performance evaluation, SIMULOG developed in collaboration with INRIA the QNAP2 software package, based on the queuing network formalism. From joint work in two successive ESPRIT projects (IMSE and now PEPS), SIMULOG has developed and markets a new graphical modelling environment, called "MODLINE", which includes QNAP2.

From INRIA research activity in the ESPRIT project "GIPE", and based on the CENTAUR technology, SIMULOG has developed "FORESYS", as a FORTRAN engineering environment, including parallelisation features.

After 11 years of development, SIMULOG has proven its efficiency in transferring and promoting the most recent techniques in scientific computing. Now, SIMULOG is working on the industrialisation of new techniques, for example automatic differentiation and on its international development, in particular in collaboration with other european high tech companies.

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