ERCIM News No.22 - July '95 - INRIA

Towards a New Era in World-Wide Web Authoring

by Jean-François Abramatic

The Symposia series of WYSIWYG authoring tools developed in cooperation between INRIA and it's spin-off company GRIF S.A., represents the next giant leap forward in the development of the World Wide Web, the distributed hypermedia system that is rapidly becoming the most popular means of accessing information on the Internet. By allowing you to create and modify documents directly on the Web, Symposia greatly simplifies the task of creating and maintaining Web documents and opens the way for global collaborative authoring on the Internet.

With Symposia you can :

Graphical browsing tools such as NCSA Mosaic and NetScape make it easy to view the hundreds of thousands of pages of multimedia resources on the Web and to move between them using hyperlinks. However, maintaining and updating these documents and hyperlinks as the Web continues to change and evolve is proving to be a time-consuming and laborious task, requiring in-depth knowledge of the Web's HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and made more difficult by the lack of effective HTML editing tools.

Now, with Symposia's easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface, you can create and edit multimedia documents for the Web, easier than ever before. As you edit HTML documents with Symposia, you can access any of the hundreds of thousands of documents on the Web, as you would with a browsing tool, create new links to these documents, copy and paste existing links, or delete links which you no longer require, all with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Symposia is the first authoring tool for the World Wide Web that makes it possible to save HTML documents directly on remote World Wide Web servers which have been specially configured to accept the Web's HTTP PUT feature. Once the person responsible for the remote server has provided you with a user name and password, you can save and modify documents directly on the remote server, just as easily as on your local file system. Groups of authors can use this feature to work together on a single set of HTML documents.

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