ERCIM News No.22 - July 1995 - CNR

Computational Mathematics and ERCIM

by Bruno Codenotti

In this section, we present a number of contributions in the area of Computational Mathematics from different members of the ERCIM consortium. The reason for this special issue is the growing importance of the subject area. In fact, it is now receiving significant stimuli from a number of domains.

For example, over the next few years, disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, and neurobiology will surely bring new challenges to computational mathematics and the outcome of this integration of computation and biology is far from being predictable. We also expect input from relevant advances in mathematics, especially in the development of new techniques for dealing with complex phenomena, with non-linear and/or non-stable processes. This would allow the modelling of more sophisticated aspects of reality bringing a significant contribution to new interdisciplinary areas of research.

This collection of articles should form a good initial focus for mutual cooperation and information exchange in the area of Computational Mathematics. Some of the contributions fall into the area of basic research, (such as those related to fundamental computational issues in numerical linear algebra), others relate to applications.

I hope that the reader of this section will gain at least an idea of what is going on in the different ERCIM sites, in the area of Computational Mathematics. The reader interested in more details is encouraged to contact the authors of the contributions directly.

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