ERCIM News No.22 - July 1995

Digital Libraries - A New ERCIM Programme for Research and Development

by Tom Baker and Carol Peters

At their Board Meeting of June 7th at VTT, Helsinki, the ERCIM Directors gave their full backing to an innovative proposal presented by a group of ERCIM researchers. The immediate aim is to establish an ERCIM programme for research and development in the area of digital libraries. In the longer term, ERCIM is to set up a European digital library to support academic and industrial research in information technology and applied mathematics. It was recognized that a number of important initiatives are underway in this key sector in the United States, but that so far there have been no comparable initiatives of a pan-European character. Moreover, the Board of Directors saw giving priority to this field as very much in harmony with the goals of the International Web Consortium led by MIT and INRIA.

The Directors thus took three important decisions:

In addition, ERCIM is planning an exchange programme for young scientists in the digital libraries area with the University of Michigan.

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