ERCIM News No.22 - July 1995

World-Wide Web Working Group W4G - Workshop Finland

by Martin Prime

A very successful workshop organized by the ERCIM World-Wide Web Working Group (W4G) on Searching and Active documents took place 5-6 June at VTT in Helsinki, Finland. 12 people attended the two day event.

The W4G was formed in response to the World-Wide Web Organisation (W3O) and Consortium (W3C) being led by INRIA and MIT. W4G will bring together European researchers which can then feed information to W3C when ERCIM joins the International Consortium.

The workshop discussed its role and future in the area of WWW. Two research proposals were put together in a bid to get funding for ERCIM projects. These projects were in the areas of Methods for Searching the Web and Active Document specification.

There is a web page with more information at and a mailing list; to join send email to:">

The next workshop, on Design and Electronic Publishing, will be held in Oxfordshire, England, 20-22 November 1995.

Please contact:
Steven Pemberton - CWI
Tel: +31 20 592 4138

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