ERCIM News No.19 - October 1995

The 1994/95 ERCIM Fellowship Programme

by Bruno Le Dantec

In 1990, when this fellowship programme was launched, young scientists were offered to spend three times six months in three of the ERCIM institutes. The experience has shown, thatsix months is often too short to carry through a complete scientific project, especially in information technology where much time has to be devoted to software development. Furthermore, moving four times in 18 months was seen as a strong constraint by the majority of fellows. That's the reason why the 1995 programme will offer two stays of 9 months each in two of the thirteen ERCIM laboratories.

ERCIM Fellowship Programme

Each year ERCIM offers 18 months fellowships to qualified young researchers having a PhD degree. Fellows work at two different institutes spending nine months in any one ERCIM institute. There is no citizenship constraint. The programme has grown in popularity with 30 applicants in 90/91 (3 funded), 143 applicants in 92/93 (6 funded), 100 applicants in 93/94 (9 funded) to 204 applicants in 94/95 (11 funded). The new call for the 95-96 fellowship programme will be launched in December `94.

The selection meeting for the ERCIM 94-95 fellowship programme has finalized the selection on April 20th and retained eleven applicants. At the present stage, eight of them have accepted their position.

Table 1 shows the new ERCIM fellows and their previsionnal place and date of employment.

The fellows of the ERCIM 1993/94 fellowship programme are completing their fellowship according to their schedule: George Drettakis at INRIA, César Galindolegaria at SINTEF, Olivier Maffeis at GMD, Danilo Montesi at DRAL and Alessandro Panconesi at SINTEF.
More information about the ERCIM Fellowship Programme

ERCIM Human Capital and Mobility Programme

ERCIM has been selected by the Commission of the European Communities as a host institute to receive fellows under the Human Capital and Mobility programme (HCM).Fellowship duration varies from 6 to 24 months depending on the time needed to carry out the research project. The applicant must be a national of a Community Member State or a natural person resident in the Community.ERCIM considers this programme as a good opportunity to increase the size of its fellowship programme.

Eleven fellows have been preselected by the ERCIM Executive Commitee. The Commitee for the European Development of Science and Technology (CODEST) have been consulted on the value of these candidates and the Commission gave his final agreement. (see table 2)

The first six ERCIM HCM fellows who received the Commission agreement in 1993 are currently accomplishing their fellowships: Alan Craig at SINTEF, Philippe Nehlig at CNR, Mukesh Patel at CNR, Dimitrios Théodoratos at DRAL and Gerrit Tretmans at GMD. Alan Stewart has finished his grant.

Please contact:
Bruno Le Dantec - ERCIM office
Tel: +33 1 39 63 50 35

Table 1: Placement of the 1994/95 fellows

Name			Ercim Institute
Stephen Brewster	VTT		SINTEF		DRAL		
(United Kingdom)	19.09.94	19.03.95	19.09.95

Young-Kuk Kim VTT SINTEF CWI (South Korea) 15.01.95 15.07.95 15.01.96

Doug Down CWI VTT INRIA (Canada) 01.01.95 15.08.95 15.02.96

Manolis Koubarakis CNR INRIA DRAL (Greece) 01.11.94 01.05.95 01.11.95

Ines de Castro Dutra AEDIMA CWI SICS (Brazil) 25.07.94 25.01.95 25.07.95

Richard Uhlig GMD FORTH INRIA (U.S.A.) 01.03.95 01.09.95 01.03.96

Saso Dzeroski GMD AEDIMA FORTH (Slovenia) 01.05.95 01.11.95 01.05.96

Michael Wolverton DRAL SINTEF AEDIMA (U.S.A.) 05.09.94 05.03.95 05.09.95

Table 2: Placement of the fellows in the ERCIM Human Capital and Mobility Programme

Name			ERCIM Institute
Ludovicus Florack	INRIA		INESC	
(The Netherlands)	01.05.94	01.10.94

Gerd Hillebrand FORTH DRAL (Germany) 01.07.94 01.01.95

George Drettakis AEDIMA GMD (Greece) 24.11.94 24.03.95

Georges Papadopoulos GMD CWI (Greece) 01.01.95 01.07.95

Sandro Etalle CWI AEDIMA (Italy) 01.11.94 01.08.95