Opening Workshop of InterLink organized by ERCIM

The first InterLink workshop took place on May 10-12 in Eze, close to Monaco. This workshop brought together all three of InterLink’s working groups set up to address the following thematic areas:

  • Software intensive systems and new computing paradigms;
  • Ambient computing and communication environments;
  • Intelligent and cognitive systems.

InterLink is a coordination action funded by the European Commission. It aims at advancing Europe’s knowledge in a number of critical Information and Communication Science and Technologies areas, at promoting European solutions and knowledge world-wide and at influencing the way research in these areas would evolve internationally. InterLink will enable the European research community to interact with research communities outside Europe and link with the best research carried out in these countries.

According to Walter Van de Velde, Scientific Officer, Future & Emerging Technologies, European Commission DG Information Society and Media, “Scientists across the world want to work together - and they do. Today, internationalisation of research is a reality. But when substantial public funding is needed to boost such research, mutually acceptable evaluation and selection procedures and well-balanced collaboration agreements turn out to be more difficult to implement. Within the broad scope of future and emerging ICT, the InterLink workshops will identify topics on which international collaboration would be most fruitful. They will take stock of ongoing collaborations and explore possible ways of implementing substantial international win-win research tandems in the future.”

About 60 scientists from Europe, Asia and the Americas attended the workshop. The overall goals of the workshop were to identify, for each thematic area, the visionary research challenges that warrant the focus of the relevant research community, and the opportunities for international collaboration in these domains. This will be documented in lecture notes and white papers.

Scientific coordination:
Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece (ICS-FORTH)
Contact: Constantine Stephanidis (

Administrative and financial coordination:
Contact: Jessica Michel (