Hola Cloud - New opportunities for contributors: Call for Position Papers

New opportunities for contributors! The HOLA CLOUD project invites authors to submit Position Papers to actively take part in the shaping of the mid-to-long term research in the computing area - beyond 2018, towards 2030 - and contribute to the next release of the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap. Submission deadline: 03/06/2016.

About the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap
As main output of the Cloud Forward conferences, the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap aims at setting mid/long term R&D priorities of the areas of Software, Services and Cloud Computing. Position papers are integral part of the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap and are aimed at collecting opinions about the actual challenges that the technology providers have to face in the coming years, the support that the EC and other public bodies can provide to the growth of the sector, the obstacles that should be overcome, etc. The outcomes of the position papers and discussion at the CF2016 conference will be published as a paper co-edited by the co-chairs in the CF2016 proceedings, published by Elsevier, with acknowledgement to authors of the selected position papers. The HOLA CLOUD Roadmap is delivered to the European Commission for use in the development of the future work programme. The first issue of the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap is available here