Made-to-measure garments, 2D/3D approach


The MtoM3D research project aims to develop the market and the value of the apparel products made in developing countries by adapting existing industrial solutions to the plus-size sector, a made-to-measure-based activity. Expert knowledge leads to the design of a pattern-alteration system, prototyping and validation being achieved in a 3D simulation of the adapted garment.

INRIA, Lectra Systemes (France), Styl Plus (France), ACCESSIT (Morocco), IRSIT (Tunisia), Société Moderne de confection (Tunisia), Ecole Mohammadia d'Igénieurs (Morocco), CAD Modelling (Italy)

ERCIM's role:
Project partner

1 November 1997 - 30 June 2000

Total budget:
675 000 Euro

Funding Agencies:
European Commssion, INCO DC Programme: 450 000 Euro

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