Development of an earth observation data converter with application to air quality forecasting

The aim of the DECAIR project is to provide companies in charge of forecasting urban air pollution with good quality data derived from Earth Observation (EO) devices, in order to improve the results of existing air quality models. Satellite data will be delivered to a pre-operational demonstrator, the DECAIR prototype (also called DECAIR demonstrator in this document), feeding two regional air quality models, running in BERLIN and MADRID, with EO-derived input data. This prototype will not be an operational air quality forecast system, but it aims at specifying how such a system should be designed. The DECAIR demonstrator will concentrate on a restricted set of input data; it will use existing air quality models and no new model will be developed; the models will be adapted and integrated to the demonstrator, and specified to work with satellite data; the necessary architecture and data management will be addressed. It will be flexible enough to take into account future developments of the system - theses are not addressed during the project but are rather subjects of a future one. Such developments would include a larger set of input data, the adaptation of an air quality model to new sites, detection and handling of rapid changes of meteorological conditions, and potential applications to other environmental domains not restricted to air quality.

GMD, INRIA, UPM (Spain), CLRC, BULL-SA (France), SICE (Spain), FORTH - CSI

1 June 1999 - 31 May 2002

ERCIM's role:
Project co-ordinator

Total budget:
1 880 000 Euro

Funding Agencies:
European Commission, Centre for Earth Observation Programme: 940 000 Euro