Sharing Cultural Heritage through Multimedia Telematics

Results and Achievements
The project has designed and demonstrated an architecture for a resource discovery system enabling query broadcasting to heterogeneous data sources. The system is based on an open standard -a Z39.50 Application Profile- designed in cooperation with the CIMI consortium (American museums and libraries) which will be proposed as an ISO standard to all museums and cultural organisations, world-wide, to support access to their databases. The project has also designed a software system to create and manage multilingual terminology resources. Last but not least, all partners have together established a valuable know-how on methods and good practices for industrial, large-scale production of digital information where high-quality, reusability and long life of documents are requested.

Ministère de la Culture (France), Bibliothèque nationale de France (France), Ministry of Culture (Greece), Ministero per i Beni Culturi e Ambientali, Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo et la Documentazione (Italy), Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (UK), Museum Documentation Association (UK), Benaki Museum(Greece), Fratelli Alinari (Italy), Giunti Multimedia (Italy), Information, Bull (France), EUROCLID (France), Grif (France), ERGOMATIC Consultants (France), FINSIEL (Italy), INTRASOFT (Greece), System Simulation Ltd (UK), INRIA, CNR-CNUCE, CNR-ITIM (Italy), ICS-FORTH, ILSP (Greece), IMAG (France), LIRMM (France), CLRC

1 January 1996 - 31 January 1999

ERCIM's role:
Project co-ordinator

Total budget:
6 038 000 Euro

Funding Agencies:
European Commission, Telematics Programme: 2 999 850 Euro