Data Fusion for Flood Analysis and Decision Support

decision support, flood prevention and protection, data processing

The objective of the ANFAS project is to develop a Decision Support System for flood prevention and protection, integrating the most advanced techniques in data processing and management. When a flood is going to happen, decision makers have to decide what are the most appropriate reactions : evacuation of the population, reinforcement of dikes, etc. The ANFAS project will develop a tool to help decision makers in taking  decisions that will limit the flood damage.

INRIA, Matra Systems (France), Bureau des Recherches Géologiques et Minières (France), Reading University (United Kingdom), FORTH, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CLRC, Chinese Acedemy of Sciences: Institutes of (i) Automation (ii) Remote Sensing Applications (iii) Atmospheric Physics, ERCIM

1 January 2000 - 31 December 2002

ERCIM's role:
Project co-ordinator

Total budget:
3 800 000 Euro

Funding Agencies:
European Commission, IST Programme: 1 600 000 Euro
Chinese Ministry of Research: 800 000 Euros

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