Multidimensional context aware adaptation of Service Front-ends


The project is developing a novel, open platform for enabling the creation of context-sensitive service front-ends (SFEs). A context-sensitive SFE provides a user interface (UI) that exhibits some capability to be aware of the context and to react to changes of this context in a continuous way. As a result such a UI will be adapted to a person s devices, tasks, preferences, and abilities, thus improving people s satisfaction and performance compared to traditional SFEs based on manually designed UIs.

ERCIM members involved:
Université catholique de Louvain (FNRS/FWO)

36 months from September 2010-August 2013

ERCIM's role:
W3C/ERCM project partner

Funding Agencies:
EU FP7 Collaborative Project

Funding: 3.270.000 Euros