Bridging Communities for Next Generation Policy-Making


The CROSSOVER project aims to consolidate and expand the existing community (built largely within FP7) by:

  • reaching out and raising the awareness of non-experts and potential users, with special regard to high-level policy-makers and policy advisors: it will produce multimedia content, detailed case studies, roadmap, workshops and high-level policy conference with competition for prize;
  • establishing the scientific and political basis for long-lasting interest and commitment to next generation policy-making, beyond the mere availability of FP7 funding: it will focus on use cases and a demand-driven approach, involving policy-makers and advisors in high-level conference

ERCIM members involved:

18 months from October 2010-March 2013

ERCIM's role:
W3C/ERCM is project partner

Funding Agencies:
EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action

Funding: 4850.000 Euros