International Workshop on Future Information Processing Technologies

The semiconductor market has grown at an annual average rate of approximately 15% over the past three and a half decades, driven primarily by an exponential decrease in cost per function and an improved performance resulting from device miniaturization. Such a phenomenal trend is expected to continue in the next decade and beyond, as it turns out from the 1999 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. A key milestone of this evolution is going to be the 100 nm minimum-feature-size barrier, which is expected to be reached in year 2005

The aim of the International Workshop on Future Information-Processing Technologies is that of bringing together top-level scientists and strategic thinkers from all around the world, to debate research and technology frontiers that hold promise to extend progress in information processing into the 21st century. The format has been chosen to be that of a Gordon-type conference in order to promote openness in discussions and a completely free exchange of ideas. All sessions have a main subject and are driven by invited presentations delivered by leading scientists from Europe, USA and Far East and are followed by a collective discussion and a wrap-up led by the chairman of the session itself. Participation is typically limited to 30 European, 30 American and 30 Asian people. All participants, but invited speakers, are requested to exhibit a poster. The chosen location is expected to favor informal and fruitful interaction among participants.

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