ERCIM Innovation

Issue 1 November 2008
Issue 2 November 2009

Why ERCIM Innovation
The ERCIM Innovation magazine is part of ERCIM strategy to foster ICT innovation for the benefit of the European economy and society.

As the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, ERCIM is composed of leading ICT research institutes from 20 European countries. Our mission is to promote collaborative work within the European research community and to increase cooperation with the European industry. Our network of excellence in ICT research federates more than 12,000 scientists and engineers whose research results and collaborations nurture innovations in ICT, which can then translate into concrete and useful applications contributing to changing the world in which we live, learn, work and play.

ERCIM Innovation showcases innovative developments in ERCIM member institutions with a view to finding commercial exploitation partners. It reports on spin-offs from our members institutes as a string of research results turned into success stories. It covers the importance of standardisation and the venture capital aspect of innovation. It includes opinion pieces from politicians, opinion formers and innovation experts from leading companies and SMEs alike. It demonstrates how higher education bodies encourage an innovation-oriented mindset in their courses. And it highlights how the European Union handles this key challenge of the knowledge society.

Target audience
Distribution is targeted at an audience of over 9,000 in Europe, including decision-makers from industry, standardisation, investment and obviously research and academia, as well as European institutions.
The magazine is free. The shipment of hard copies is complemented by posting on the ERCIM website.

ERCIM Members' contributions are channeled through the 'ERCIM Innovation Board' which gathers experts in innovation/technology & knowledge transfer from ERCIM member institutes.
Other contributions are solicited by ERCIM through contacts in European bodies, companies, partners, professional organisations and societies.

ERCIM is a European Economic Interest Grouping with no commercial activities and as such any contribution to our publication is free-of-charge.

ERCIM Innovation is discontinued. Articles on Innovation can be published in the section "Research and Innovation of ERCIM News