Understanding and Supporting Multiple Information Seeking Behaviors in a Single Interface Framework


Nicholas J. Belkin
School of Communication, Information & Library Studies
Rutgers University
New Brunswick NJ 08901-1071 USA

(From slide presentation)


What is a Digital Library?

An institution which performs and/or supports (at least) the functions of a library in the context of distributed, networked collections of information objects in digital form.

Functions of a Library

Information objects

Information users and (collections of) information objects

Structure of Today’s Talk





Project Hypotheses

Goals of the Project

In Other Words

To Accomplish Our Goals

Underpinnings of our Approach

Project Theory

What’s Been Done

The Problem

The Approach



Classifying Information Behavior

The Approach

The Methods


Subject Speciality Distribution


Data Analysis

Interviews Coded According to

Communication Behaviors

Information Behaviors



Objects Interacted With

Common Dimensions of Information Interactions

part -- whole

random -- systematic

selective — exhaustive

Criteria of Interaction

Dimensions of Access

scan -- search

recognize — specify

Prototypical Information Interactions

Known Item Support

Evaluating Information Items

Learning Contents of Resources

Finding Useful Items by Recognition

Experimental Protocol

Baseline System

System to Support Finding Useful Items in

Unfamiliar Domain by Recognition

Preliminary Results for inq-R