6. Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT)


ENIT, created in 1968, is the oldest engineering school in Tunis (and in Tunisia). It offers first degrees in civil, electric, mechanic and industrial engineering and postgraduate degrees (DEA and PhD) in the same fields and also in Applied Mathematics, Hydraulics and Environment. It is a medium large school with 130 teaching and research staff and 1150 students, of which about 500 postgraduates. The annual budget allocated to research in IT can be estimated to around 150,000 TD.

The main research activities in the fields of informatics and telecommunications are organised as follows:

(1) Telecommunication Systems Laboratory

This unit has about 60 researchers (including teaching staff and postgraduate students) and works in:

Digital Communications:

Microwave Communications:

Optical Communications:

(2) Signal Processing Laboratory

This unit was created in 1982 to contribute to postgraduate training. It has 2 professors and 23 postgraduate students. Its activities are in the fields of:

Speech signal processing:

Biomedical signal processing:

Network modelling:

(3) Teledetection Laboratory

This is fairly young (5-6 years old) multidisciplinary laboratory with 13 researchers, including 5 teaching staff. Its activities may be grouped along two axes:

Optic and radar image analysis:

Geographic Information Systems:

(4) Electric Systems Laboratory

This unit groups 8 permanent researchers and is active in the fields of:

Although the time was too short to enable a proper evaluation of the research carried out at ENIT, it is clear that ENIT is actively pursuing research into relevant topics, namely in the field of telecommunications, and must be counted as a potential important partner for any R&D work in this field in Tunisia.