5. Centre National de l'Informatique (CNI)


CNI was created in 1975 as a National Centre referring to the Prime Minister. It is responsible for:

The National Departments and the central administration rely almost exclusively on CNI for support and expertise in information technology and computing. As a few examples, the contribution of CNI has included:

CNI has been quite effective in playing this role, which accounts for the largest part of its activity. The rest of its activity is essentially technology acquisition and development. Research, which is limited, is on the edge of technology development. There are about 20 researchers ( including PhD students) and the annual budget has been of the order of 100 000 TD during the recent years. In particular, the CNI has benefited from the help of the EC in the framework of the programme TEDIS for a project on EDI and arabisation.

The CNI has good connections with technology sources in France, Belgium and Canada In turn, institutions in several Arabic, Maghrebian and African countries rely on CNI as a source of technology.

Areas of technology development include: