Synergies between ERCIM Projects

ERCIM is participating in several research projects as coordinator or partner. In these projects ERCIM institutes and their partners carry out the research while the ERCIM office takes care of administrative tasks. As coordinator of several European projects and networks, ERCIM sees one of its missions to promote synergies among these different initiatives.

Joint DELOS/MUSCLE Summer School
A joint MUSCLE / DELOS summer school on ‘Multimedia Digital Libraries, Machine Learning and Cross-Modal Technologies for Access and Retrieval’ will be organised 12-16 June in San Vincenzo, Italy (see announcement on page 8).

MUSCLE and DELOS ‘ENGAGE’d’ in the Philippines
The Networks of Excellence ‘MUSCLE’ and ‘DELOS’ participated in the first ENGAGE conference in Manila, Philippines, 29-31 March 2006. The networks have sent a represententative to present their scientific achievements to the Southeast Asian research community. The workshop was part of the EU-funded initiative ‘ENGAGE’ encouraging and stimulating future RTD cooperation in the field of Information Society Technologies between Europe and Asia-Pacific region For more information about the ‘Engage’ project, see

CoreGRID and Grid@Asia Interactions
The CoreGRID Network of Excellence and Grid@Asia - an EU-funded ‘specific support action’- established close links, in particular with the participation of leading CoreGRID experts in the Grid@Asia advisory board. CoreGRID teams are also actively contributing to the success of the Grid@Asia workshops held in China to foster collaboration in GRID research and technologies between the European Union and Asian countries.