An Educational Portal: Bridging the Gap among Students, Educators, Parents and Administration

by Constantine Stephanidis, George Margetis, Alexandros Mourouzis and Anthony Savidis

An Educational Portal has been developed to address the needs of the educational community in the region of Crete and to foster the adoption of Information Society Technologies within the Hellenic Educational System. It provides various online community facilities and access to educational resources for supporting collaboration, assistive learning and teaching practices.

The Regional Operational Program of Crete 2000-2006 involves various activities aiming at introducing Information Society Technologies to the educational community in the region of Crete. In this context, the Educational Portal has been designed and developed by FORTH-ICS in collaboration with the Regional Administration of Primary and Secondary Education in Crete, with the main objective to promote the penetration of the Information Society ideals in the Hellenic Educational System, reflecting at the same time the cultural identity of Crete.

This effort addresses a crucial educational challenge, which is to maximize access to the information resources required to improve existing teaching, learning and research practices in education, and aims to establish a technologically aware society. In particular, the Educational Portal of Crete is aimed to:

Towards achieving the above objectives, the Educational Portal provides to its users the following tools and services:

In summary, the main beneficiaries of the services provided by the Educational Portal of Crete are:

Figure 1
The Educational Portal’s home page.

The portal development followed an iterative user-centred approach, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders within the educational community in Crete. During the development procedure, the portal was evaluated by usability experts, as well as by representative users. At the time of preparation of this article, a prototype of the portal has been made available online in order to be thoroughly evaluated by the local educational community. The Educational Portal will be soon launched for public use and made available at

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