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< Contents ERCIM News No. 62, July 2005

Strategic Workshops organized by ERCIM

by Jessica Michel

Beyond the Horizon, a coordination action funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) activity of the EU’s IST-FP6 Programme, has launched its opening workshops in June.

Six workshops will take place between June and September uniting leading European experts in IST-related research areas requiring support. The goal is to create critical scientific mass in these areas and ensure that European research stays one step ahead of general trends. The scheduled workshops include the following:

  • Intelligent and Cognitive Systems, Zurich, Switzerland, 11-13 June
  • Security, Trust and Dependability, Paris, France, 20-23 June
  • Bio-ICT Synergies, Sophia Antipolis, France, 28-29 June
  • Pervasive Computing & Communications, Vienna, Austria, 28 July
  • Software Intensive Systems, Koblenz, Germany, 9-10 September
  • Nanotechnologies and Nanoelectronics, Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 October
  • Plenary Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, 12-13 December.

ERCIM must mobilize its extensive network of researchers to contibute maximally to the success of this project. If you would like to learn more about participating in any one of these thematic areas, or attend the Plenary Workshop during which inter-disciplinary research directions will be explored, please contact Jessica Michel.


Please contact:
Jessica Michel, ERCIM office
Tel: +33 4 9238 5089