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< Contents ERCIM News No. 62, July 2005

Image and Video Understanding wins the ERCIM Working Group Award

The ERCIM Working Group “Image and Video Understanding is the winner of the 2005 Working Group Award. The award consists of the right to spend up to 20,000 Euro for its activities. It was presented to the Working Group chair Eric Pauwels, CWI, by the ERCIM president Keith Jeffery during the ERCIM meetings in Helsinki on 30 May 2005.

Keith Jeffery (left) presents the Working Group Award to Eric Pauwels.
Keith Jeffery (left) presents the Working Group Award to Eric Pauwels.

Shortly after it became an official ERCIM Working Group, the Image and Video Understanding Group successfully submitted its proposal for the MUSCLE Network of Excellence (NOE) which covered the same scientific topics. The consortium was enlarged by approximately 20 additional scientific members in the formation of the new Network. The high level of collaborative research that arose from this network resulted in the group winning the 2005 ERCIM Working Group Award.

The 2005 award was the last award in the current format. ERCIM is currently developing a new scheme to support the Working Groups in their attempts for create new project proposals.

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