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< Contents ERCIM News No. 62, July 2005
Alexander SchrijverCWI - Alexander Schrijver is awarded the Spinoza Prize 2005.

This was announced by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research in The Hague on 6 June. Lex Schrijver is researcher at CWI in Amsterdam, leader of the Probability, Networks and Algorithms research cluster (until 1st of July) and member of CWI’s Management team. He is also part-time professor at the University of Amsterdam. Schrijver received this prestigious prize, called the ‘Dutch Nobel Prize’, for his outstanding, pioneering and inspiring research in the field of combinatorics and algorithms. The Spinoza Prize is the most distinguished award in science in the Netherlands and consists of 1.5 million Euro - to be spent on research of choice - and a statue of Spinoza. The official ceremony will take place on Wednesday 23 November 2005.