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< Contents ERCIM News No. 62, July 2005
Isabelle AttaliINRIA - It is with a profound sadness that INRIA officially announces the demise of Isabelle Attali and her two children Tom and Ugo, following the December 26, 2004 tsunami.

Isabelle Attali was the scientific head of the Oasis team since January 2000. She was very much involved in numerous national, European and international initiatives. She was Vice-President of the Institute's Evaluation Committee since 2003, head of a work group of the GridCoord European project launched in July 2004, and an active member of the ERCIM administrated CoreGRID network of excellence. Up to 2001, Isabelle Attali took care of the Young Researcher in Programming School she had contributed to creating in 1995. She also devoted much of her time and energy to the Telecom Valley association at Sophia Antipolis.

In December 2004, Isabelle and her companion, Denis Caromel, also a member of project Oasis, were on assignment in Sri Lanka with their children. They were teaching at a winter school organized by Cimpa and Unesco and were setting up a collaboration with the University of Ruhuna. As a tribute to her major commitment to all these endeavors, the Sophia Antipolis Foundation and INRIA have decided to create a fund to facilitate exchanges between Sri Lanka and Sophia Antipolis in the field of information and communication science and technology. This fund may be provisioned by individual and corporate donations. For further information about the fund, contact