ERCIM News No.42 - July 2000 [contents]

New Version of BSCW Groupware System Released

by Wolfgang Appelt

A new version of GMD’s BSCW (Basic Support for Co-operative Work) Shared Workspace System has been released. BSCW is an efficient tool for computer supported co-operation via the Web, developed by GMD’s Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT) .

Version 3.4 of the BSCW system has been released in May. BSCW is particularly useful for geographically dispersed groups working in a heterogeneous system environment. The system is implemented as an extension to normal Web servers such as the Apache Web Server or the Microsoft NT Internet Information Server and runs on various Unix systems (including Linux), Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems. Today there exist more than 500 BSCW servers world-wide with an estimated user community of well over 100,000.

The new release includes a number of features that have been developed in the CESAR project funded by the European Union’s Telematics Applications Programme. Highlights of the new release are, for example:

The system can be used at GMD’s public BSCW server at and the new release of the software can also be downloaded from there so that interested parties may install their own BSCW servers. Licences may be obtained from OrbiTeam Software GmbH (, a GMD spin-off company which has been founded in 1998 to ensure professional support, customer requested modifications and enhancements, and long-term maintenance and development of the system.

BSCW home page:

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