ERCIM News No.39 - October 1999

ERCIM Working Groups

The purpose of an ERCIM working group is to build and maintain a network of ERCIM researchers in a particular scientific field. The working groups are open to anybody affiliated with an ERCIM institute. New working groups can be founded if researchers from at least three different ERCIM members are willing to co-operate. The workshops organised by the working groups are open to any researcher in the specific scientific field. The working groups are also the focus of internal mobility within ERCIM (stay and work in another ERCIM institute from one to six months) and the ERCIM fellowship programme. The Working Groups define the topics of the ERCIM Fellowship programme and the participating research groups have the possibility to host the selected fellows. Furthermore, one of the working groups, the Digital Library initiative has become a network of excellence, supported by the European Commission.


ERCIM Working Groups: http://www.ercim.eu/activities/workgroup

Please contact:

Janusz Launberg – SICS
Co-ordinator for ERCIM Working Groups
Tel: +46-8633 15 04
E-mail: janusz.launberg@ercim.org

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