ERCIM News No.38 - July 1999

A new Manager for ERCIM

During their recent meeting in Bratislava the ERCIM Board of Directors nominated Jean-Eric Pin the new Manager of ERCIM. Jean-Eric Pin is a 46 years old director of research at CNRS, and he currently heads a research team in the LIAFA (Laboratoire d’Informatique Algorithmique : Fondements et Applications) from University Paris 7. As a former director of the LIAFA, he is experienced in research management. He has also gathered knowledge in research transfer during the two years spent at the IT group Bull and with his activities as consultant for data compression for the French space agency CNES. He is well-versed in European programs such as ESPRIT and now IST. Pin first studied mathematics and then moved to computer science. In 1989, he received the IBM France Scientific Prize in Computer Science for his work in automata theory.

“I would like to thank ERCIM for the trust it puts in me. I am very enthusiastic about joining ERCIM and I hope to prove equal to this challenging new task. I am especially delighted to have to celebrate an anniversary so early after being nominated! It is not only an exciting festivity, but also a unique opportunity for our consortium to become an unavoidable entity at the European level. So, don’t forget to tell your friends, your colleagues, and your industrial partners about that very special event that will take place in Amsterdam at the beginning of November. This anniversary is going to be a very rich event, both internally and externally, and I am sure that everybody is ready to help for its success!”

Jean Eric Pin

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