ERCIM News No.34 - July 1998

ERCIM Working Group on Programming Language Technologies

by Neil Jones

The constitutory meeting of this brand-new ERCIM Working Group will be held in Pisa, Italy on Saturday, 19 September. This is the same place and just after the cluster of conferences SAS, PLILP, and ALP. All interested ERCIM members are encouraged to attend. If you plan to bring a guest, please contact the workshop organiser (see address below).

Topics to be discussed at the first meeting will include projects, proposals, summer schools, internal mobility and fellows, and future workshops.

We have a high expectation of strong interactions. This is partly due to the fact that we already know many professional colleagues within the ERCIM partners from other contexts. Further, we look forward to new and fruitful contacts in our area, which we feel will become a locus of significant activity within ERCIM.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

A preliminary WWW page can be found at

Please contact:

Neil Jones - DANIT/DIKU
Tel: +45 35 32 14 10

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