ERCIM News No.32 - January 1998

Experiences from 300 Software Process Improvement Experiments

by Lars Bergman

The EUREX project aims to gather and disseminate the experiences made in around 300 PIEs (Process Improvement Experiments) made all over Europe during the last few years. Some are still on-going. The PIEs are or were financially supported within the Esprit ESSI Programme and so is the EUREX dissemination project.

The experiences will be published in a series of books, some Management Reports and a CD in early 1999. The books are to be centered on several themes based on an analysis of the content of the PIEs. The themes intended are:

Some of the themes may be merged or grouped eventually.

Most of the experiences are going to be collected in a series of around 20 regional workshops (1997-98) along with the collection of written material. The workshops will be focussed on relevant experiences both concerning the domain according to theme and to the experiences on Process Improvement in general. Small and medium sized software organizations are the intended target for the dissemination as well as is the majority of the PIEs.

Theme based workshops on a European level will sum up experiences and get views from experts in the field. Eventually a European conference will launch the results in early 1999.

The EUREX consortium has six partners, led by Michael Haug, Highware GmbH in Munich. SISU, Swedish Institute for Systems Development is assigned the Nordic Countries and to take care of the Metrics theme. HIGHWARE Productions, France, The MARI Group. UK/Ireland. GEMINI, Italy. and SOCINTEC, Spain. are the other partners.

Please contact:

Lars Bergman - SISU
Tel: +46-8-752 1613

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