ERCIM News No.30 - July 1997

SAMSPILL - Commercial Service Design for the Web

by Stig F. Mjølsnes

Samspill is a SINTEF Telecom and Informatics strategic research project, initiated and funded by SINTEF itself, and carried out in 1997. The goal is to create knowledge and insight that enables us to meet the demand for new commercial service design based on Web and Java technology. The problem focus is on secure multiparty commerce in this context.

It is acknowledged that the Internet is positioned to become the worlds biggest marketplace, with digital content as a major transnational industry. Very powerful new types of commercial multiparty applications can be made feasible by employing Web, Java and emerging real-time stream technology. In Samspill we are joining forces from several fields of knowledge: cryptographic protocols, formal logic, reliable distributed transactions and Web implementation architectures.

Our method of investigation is a combination of design and analysis of cryptographic protocols for specific, but structural rich applications, such as auctions and hazard games, while experimenting with implementations in the emerging Java environment.

The Norwegian noun samspill has a positive connotation, although a direct translation via Latin results in collude and collusion. Nevertheless, that relates perfectly to the dichotomy of Internet which we want to address in our networked application design work, the cooperators vs. the collusors.

A practical exercise in the Samspill project is the research collaboration itself, and should be mentioned. Currently, researchers from three departments of SINTEF Telecom and Informatics are participating, one department is located in Oslo, the other two in Trondheim. In our activities, we're trying out new experimental collaboration software emerging, in order to gain valuable experience with such tools, as a side-effect.

We should be happy to hear from people in ERCIM sharing our interest in multiparty commerce applications.

Please contact:
Stig Mjølsnes - SINTEF Telecom and Informatics
Tel: +47 7359 2024

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