ERCIM News No.30 - July 1997

Cooperation between GMD and Hewlett Packard

by Rüdiger Grimm

Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories in Bristol, United Kingdom, and the Institute for Telecooperation Technology of GMD in Darmstadt, Germany, have agreed to cooperate more closely on the field of Internet security and Electronic Commerce.

Cooperation includes mutual short and medium term visits of researchers, joint supervision of undergraduate and graduate students' work, joint publications and conference presentations, common development of technology, possibly with shared patents. As an important step in this cooperation, Michael Wichert from GMD is on a half-year visit in the Hewlett Packard Labs in Bristol, March-August 1997. The purpose of his visit is to extend existing technolgies of GMD and Hewlett Packard to form the basis for the design and implementation of secure electronic commerce protocols. These protocols will run on gateways hosted by Internet service providers using trusted operating systems.

The history of this cooperation starts from a session of the TERENA working group Security in Prague, 1994, where I met Mark Gasteen the first time. We immediately understood that there is a lot of common interest from the research work in our two institutes. While the tradition of Hewlett Packard's security research was more driven by operating systems and theoretical models, our security work originated from open networks communication. So we felt it natural to join these two research branches for secure applications on the Internet based on sound models and secure local computing resources.

When the 4th framework for the research funding of the European commission opened opportunities for research on electronic commerce, Hewlett Packard, together with other organisations, invited partners into a consortium in order to work on end-to-end security issues over the Internet which became the E2S consortium in September 1995. Currently, the E2S project which is still active, provides an environment for our cooperation agreement.

Quite a number of new persons have now joined our cooperation, including David Clarke and Jonathan Griffin from Hewlett Packard Labs, and Michael Wichert and Michael Herfert from GMD. The first students are entering research work in our institute which was defined by David Clarke and me. In addition our mutual cooperation may well become a motor for further consortia with new partners on the field of our common research interest.

Please contact:
Rüdiger Grimm - GMD
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Mark Gasteen, David Clarke - Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Bristol
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