ERCIM News No.30 - July 1997

ERCIM's Participation in European Projects

ERCIM EEIG (European Economic Interest Group) is participating in several European Commission related activities and projects as co-ordinator or associated partner. In these projects several member institutes carry out the research while ERCIM EEIG limits itself to administrative tasks.

ERCIM co-ordinates the research projects:

ERCIM is partner in SIMES, a research project on multimedia information systems for environmental remote sensing in the sub-sahara region, partly funded by the INCO-DC programme and ESPRIT. ERCIM member involved: INRIA.

ERCIM is associated partner in the research projects:

ERCIM has been carrying out four studies for the European Commission:

ERCIM also co-ordinates three institutional fellowship programmes and two research networks, the ERCIM Database Research Group and the ERCIM Computer Graphics Network, supported by the Human Capital and Mobility programme. Under the Training and Mobility of Researchers programme, ERCIM co-ordinates the European Conferences series in research and advanced technologies for digital libraries (see announcement for the first conference of this series on page 44) and the DELOS ERCIM Digital Library working group, funded by ESPRIT.

Some of these projects will be presented in a future issue of ERCIM News.

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