ERCIM News No.28 - January 1997

ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling Kick-off Meeting

by Achim Sydow

The kick-off meeting of the ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling was held at INRIA Rocquencourt, France, 10-11 October 1996. With this meeting the personal contacts between the partners of the Working Group have been strengthened as basis for a successful cooperation.

Participants of the meeting came from the host organisation INRIA, Project AIR, the GMD Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology Berlin, Germany, Project DYMOS (DYnamic MOdels for Smog Analysis), and the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, Group of Environmental Software and Modelling. After a presentation of the current research work of each of the participants various problems and tasks for the future were discussed.

Basing on recent news from the European Commission about Research Training Networks within the TMR Programme (Training and Mobility for Researchers) consultations took place regarding the resubmission of the project proposal STEPUP (Systems Technology for Portable Parallel Simulation Systems for Air Pollution). Other points of discussion were the enlargement of the Working Group by finding new partners and the definition of certain research topics from the field of environmental research for future projects. After the kick-off meeting the ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling has already been enlarged by groups from CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Research Program Mathematics and the Environment, and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, Mathematical Software Group. Thus the Working Group consists now of seven research groups from different ERCIM partner organisations.

A main focus of the kick-off meeting was the preparation and organization of a first workshop of the Working Group. It was agreed that the workshop should be held in Berlin, Germany, on 7-8 April 1997 with the topic of Air Pollution Modelling. A report of the workshop will be published in a following issue of ERCIM News.

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