ERCIM News No.28 - January 1997

European Entrypoint for the Brazilian Software Industry at GMD

by Gilson Fonseca

The Brazilian software industry, with a current turnover of roughly one Billion USD and a growth rate of about 19%, opened an office in Sankt Augustin on 21 October 1996, with the support of the Brazilian government to promote export to the whole of Europe.

The strategic aims of the office, called SOFTEX Europe, are, beyond the opening of suitable distribution channels for Brazilian software, also the reaching of agreements concerning cooperations for the creation and marketing of customized software products and services, as well as for the sectors of Research and Development in the information technological context.

SOFTEX Europe is part of a general export promotion program called SOFTEX 2000. About 600 companies are participating in this program, with turnovers between U.S.$ 150 000 and about U.S.$ 40 Million. The products range from Multimedia publications on CD-ROM and maintenance support software for the manufacturing industry to integrated and distributed database supported enterprise solutions for the medium sized industry, products which are sold in the whole of Latin America and also in the US.

The site of SOFTEX Europe is within the Technopark of GMD, Sankt Augustin. For the Brazilian partners, the cooperation with GMD gives access to the technical infrastructure, as well as to the Research and Development potential of the GMD. The multiplicity of international contacts of GMD enables the development of further cooperations. GMD will, on their side, use the contact office to further develop their cooperation with Brazil. This constitutes a further important building block for the economic and scientific Bonn region.

Please contact:
Gilson Fonseca - SOFTEX Europe
Tel: +49 2241 13 3700

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