ERCIM News No.28 - January 1997

TANGRAM wins Object Application Award

by Gerd Schürmann and Klaus-Peter Eckert

At the Object World held in Frankfurt 9-11 October 1996, the TANGRAM project was awarded in the category 'Best implementation utilizing reusable components leveraged from or to use in other projects'. Other projects awarded at Object World, include developments by MCI Telecommunications Corporation, Microsoft and Debis.

TANGRAM is a project within the R&D programme of DeTeBerkom GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, carried out at the GMD Institute for Open Communication Systems.

TANGRAM provides a distributed processing environment utilizing TINA-C concepts (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium) to support multimedia telecommunication applications. The platform is realized in a heterogeneous CORBA-2 environment (Common Object Request Broker Architecture). As a first example, a multimedia multipoint communication service was implemented utilizing the development and run-time support of the platform. For a brief description of the TANGRAM project see ERCIM News No. 26, July 1996, page 35-36.

TANGRAM is a core project upon which projects such as the TINA-C auxiliary project Personal Communication Support in TINA (Deutsche Telekom Technical Centre Darmstadt) and the TINA-C World Wide Demo (Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, SPRINT) build. GMD is involved in these projects as well.

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